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These are the words that describe who we are.

Brewers brew the beer, bartenders make it. The old truth that we fully respect.

Our beer is unpasteurized and stored in cooled beer tanks. The beer pipes are being cooled all the way to the beer taps and we regularly run their sanitation. The best quality beer is delivered to your glass at any time.

Compared to the conventional restaurants, in The PUB you have a unique opportunity to put yourself in the role of a bartender at the table. Enjoy the ritual of consuming the best beer in the company of your friends from the very beginning, from its self-tapping.

Do you prefer tapping a Cream, a Classic with a foam head or rather a Neat, a Sweet or a Slice?
Try them all! Our bartenders will be happy to advise you how to do it.

To tap a perfect beer is a challenge. It takes knowledge as well as skills and a pinch of love.
Accept this challenge and have fun with friends in The PUB

Enjoy Food. Drinks. Life.
Enjoy The PUB

How to properly tap a beer?